Best Neurophysiology Doctors in Navi Mumbai


Neurophysiology investigations are carried out to monitor the functioning of the electrical activity of the nervous system, including that of the spinal cord, brain, muscles, and peripheral nerves. The neurologists interpret the tests, analyse the results, and report back to the doctors who ordered them. These reports assist the doctors in making a diagnosis and determining the appropriate treatment plan.

This investigation is done to measure the electrical signals in the nerves of the legs or arms by stimulating the skin with small electrical impulses given over the nerve. If the recording of the signal is not easily obtained from the surface electrode used during the test, sometimes a very small sterile needle is inserted under the skin to record it. The type of nerve tested depends on the clinical signs and symptoms exhibited by the patient.

This test is carried out when further information about the electrical activity inside one or more muscles is required. This gives additional information about their nerve supply which can aid in diagnosis.

If a muscle or its nerve supply is damaged, the electrical signals inside that muscle are altered. Getting to know about these changes helps neurologists diagnose the cause of the problem.

After preparing the skin, the neurologist uses a thin, sterile needle to record information from the muscle. First, the EMG is recorded with the muscle at rest, followed by movement of the limb in a graded manner. The number and type of muscles tested depend on the signs and symptoms.

This test is done to record the electrical activity inside the brain. Metallic discs or electrodes are placed on the scalp to detect the activity. The whole procedure takes around 45-60 minutes.

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