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Brain Tumour

For brain tumours, several different management options are available at the hospital, including stereotactic biopsy for accurately targeted tumour sampling, excision of tumours with image-guided techniques, intraoperative neuromonitoring, a transcranial endoscopic surgical procedure to treat cranial tumours, and awake craniotomy to decrease functional damage to tumours in eloquent areas. Apart from these treatment modalities, we use radiosurgery which is one-time intense radiation given a single time to the target area while the surrounding tissue is spread. This technique is used for residual tumours and brain metastasis.

Brain tumours occur as a result of abnormal proliferation of neurons or brain cells or due to metastasis of tumour cells from other areas of the body to the brain. Brain tumours can be primary or secondary, depending on their origin. Primary brain tumours are ones that originate in the brain itself, while secondary brain tumours spread to the brain from other body parts. Out of the two types, secondary brain tumours are more common.

Some brain tumours are hereditary in progression, meaning that your chance of developing them increases if a family member suffers from them. However, most brain tumours do not follow a hereditary progression. Another major risk factor for developing brain tumours is radiation exposure.

Different areas in the brain regulate different senses or the functioning of different parts of the body. The symptoms of a brain tumourare dependent on where they are located within the brain. For example, if a tumour is present in the speech area of the brain, the person loses the ability to speak properly. Other symptoms of brain tumours include imbalance while walking, one-sided weaknesses or paralysis, altered mental status or behaviour, seizures, decreased sensation of smell, and decreased auditory sense. Apart from these, irritable mood and early morning headaches and nausea are some non-specific symptoms of brain tumours that are common to almost all major types.

Brain cancer can be diagnosed clinically. However, a number of investigations like contrast CT scans and MRIs are run to support the clinical diagnosis.

This is an elective surgical procedure that has been recently commenced at our facility, which involves the implantation of electrodes into particular areas of the brain.

Head trauma is managed at a fast pace at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai, and patients are shifted from the ER to the operating table within the hour's need. The ER has a dedicated CT scan to facilitate diagnosis within minutes of admission and help save lives through precision and time management. The Department uses protocolised techniques for neurointensive care with novel pharmacological therapies and evidence-based decompressive craniectomy techniques. The neurocritical

If you are having persistent headaches that do not respond to medications or if you often have headaches associated with vomiting, you must see a doctor.

The treatment of brain tumours depends on their type. The best way to treat a brain tumour is to operate it, but all tumours are not operable. Among others, meningiomas and gliomas are the commonest forms of operable brain tumours. The neurosurgeon decides the treatment plan for each patient depending on the type of tumour, its location, the extent of spread, and the overall health.

You can visit the Department of Neurosciences at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai if you are seeking the Best Brain Cancer Treatment in Navi Mumbai. The department houses a team of talented neurologists, neurosurgeons, nurses, technicians, and allied staff who have years of experience in the field. It is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including portable EEG machines with a video EEG facility, advanced EMG machines, a transcranial doppler machine, and a CT scan machine for immediate imaging required in emergency cases. An evidence-based approach to patient care is followed in the department while keeping in view the international protocols and quality standards.