Best Alzheimer's Disease Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is known to be a progressive disorder of the nervous system that causes atrophy or shrinkage of the brain. It is the most common reason of dementia, a progressive decline in cognitive, behavioural, and social skills affecting the person's ability to perform different functions independently.

The main symptom associated with Alzheimer's disease is memory loss. The patient has difficulty remembering recent activities, events, and conversations. With the progression of the disease, the memory worsens, and other symptoms like difficulty thinking and understanding, disorientation, delusion, and inability to create new memories and recognise common things occur. Other symptoms of Alzheimer's include confusion in the evening hours, making things up, difficulty concentrating, agitation, difficulty doing self-care, aggression, hallucinations, and depression.

The exact cause of Alzheimer's disease is unknown. But the basic mechanism involved is that the proteins start functioning abnormally, disrupting the function of brain cells. This triggers a series of toxic events, including damage to the neurons and loss of connections between them.

For most people, Alzheimer's disease occurs due to a combination of certain lifestyle, genetic, and environmental factors that have an impact on the brain over time.

Very rarely (less than 1% of cases) does Alzheimer's disease occur due to genetic mutations that guarantee a person will develop the disease. In such cases, Alzheimer's is seen in middle age.

Generally, the damage starts in the area of the brain that is responsible for regulating memories. The process starts years before visible symptoms develop. In the late stage of this disease, the brain is seen to have shrunk significantly.

Although no definitive treatment is available for Alzheimer's disease, medications temporarily slow down the progression of symptoms and improve the condition of the patient. These medications allow patients with Alzheimer's disease to function normally and be independent temporarily. Several other treatment options and programs are available nowadays to support people with Alzheimer's and help them live a fulfilled life.

Symptoms of dementia or memory loss can be seen in a number of conditions, some of which are quite treatable. If you are facing problems with your memory or other cognitive skills, you must visit a doctor to get a thorough clinical assessment done. Getting treatment at its earliest stages guarantees a good prognosis for most diseases.

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