Chalazion & Pterygium Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Chalazion and Pterygium

Chalazion is a lump that occurs in the eyelid if a gland called the meibomian gland has extra secretion that swells up your eye. It turns your eyes red without causing any pain and leads to thickening of the gland’s wall and causes oil leakage in it. Chalazion can be cured with medication, but if detected late a surgery is required.

Pterygium is a skin fold on the white part (conjunctiva) of the eye and occurs owing to high exposure of ultraviolent light on the eye. Pterygium is not harmful until it is large and causes irritation in the eye. It can be treated with medication, but a surgery needs to be performed if it causes loss of vision. The best way to avoid pterygium is to minimise exposure to ultraviolent light as much as possible.