Tooth Injury Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Trauma Management

Dental trauma is a physical insult to the alveolar bone, teeth, gums, or the soft tissue of the mouth, lips, or tongue. Several types of injuries fall under this category, including chipped tooth, tooth root and enamel fractures, subluxed tooth, tooth jammed into the socked, and knocked out tooth. Fractures of the jaw bone and lip and gum lacerations also fall under the category of dental trauma.

Dental trauma mostly occurs due to accidents like falls, accidents, and sports injuries.

Treatment of dental trauma depends on its nature and the structures involved. The injuries need to be carefully examined by a dentist, and some investigations like X-rays need to be carried out. Sometimes, the neighbouring teeth and tissues may also be involved, so they also need to be examined.

If a tooth is chipped or fractured, a filling may be done to replace the lost part. An artificial crown or cap may be recommended if a significant part of the tooth has been lost. A root canal may be the only option if the tooth pulp is exposed. If the injury is more severe, like in the case of split teeth, the tooth may be required to be removed completely. Dislodged teeth are destabilised by the dentist as soon as possible, followed by root canal treatment. Knocked-out teeth can be replanted if prompt action is taken. In such a situation, if you visit an endodontist within 30-40 minutes of injury, the tooth is likely to be saved.

If you suffer from dental trauma, your dentist might be the first point of call; however, endodontists are the ones who specialise in treating dental injuries. They use advanced techniques and skills to save the affected teeth.

Sustaining dental trauma may be extremely painful and distressing, and you may not understand what to do next. If you face such a situation and are located in or around Navi Mumbai, you can visit the Department of Dental Surgery at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai to get immediate dental care and attention. At Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai, our experienced endodontists are available to deal with patients with dental trauma, evaluate them quickly and resolve the problem.