Teeth Scaling and Polishing treatment in Navi Mumbai

Scaling and Polishing

Dental cleaning procedures like scaling and polishing are performed to remove plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky layer of food, saliva, and bacteria, while hard tartar is a layer deposited over the teeth over time. Your saliva that is in continuous contact with your teeth is rich in calcium. Even though it is a defense mechanism that strengthens and protects your teeth, there is an accumulation of this calcium over the teeth over a period of time. The deposits are usually coloured as the real teeth and are missed, but some other times they are black or brown.

This accumulation of tartar results in a build-up of bacteria over time, providing the perfect environment for them to multiply. Dental scaling and polishing aim to clean the surfaces of teeth to prevent bacteria from sticking to them. This improves your overall dental health and provides you a chance to keep your teeth clean by following healthy dental care habits.

During scaling, special instruments are used by the dentist to gently remove the plaque and calculus deposits from your teeth without causing any harm. The hard tartar stuck to the teeth or between them is loosened by vibrations from the ultrasonic scaler. The debris is washed away using a water spray.

Polishing is generally done after scaling with the aim of removing any stains and leaving the teeth looking smooth and shiny. It is performed with a smooth spinning rubber cup filled with a prophylaxis paste.

The main aim of the scaling and polishing procedure is to clean your teeth and prevent or control the severity of gum diseases. After the procedure, the teeth may look lighter as stains are removed from their surface.

  • For removal of stains of tea, coffee, or tobacco
  • For removing calculus or tartar to help prevent gum diseases which are the main causes of loose teeth and tooth loss.
  • To help in the screening of oral problems like cavities and decay

Most patients find scaling and polishing painless and love the smooth and shiny feel of their teeth afterward.

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