Root canal treatment in navi mumbai

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is a form of dental treatment aimed at repairing and saving a badly infected or damaged tooth. It involves extraction of the damaged part of the tooth followed by disinfecting, filling, and sealing it. Tooth pulp can be damaged if a tooth is cracked, has a deep cavity, or is subjected to repeated dental treatments or trauma.

If the damaged or infected pulp is left untreated, it can lead to the build-up of pus at the root tip of the jawbone. This leads to the development of an abscess, which can damage the surrounding tooth and can be extremely painful.

Before planning a root canal treatment, the dentist takes a few X-rays of your teeth to examine the decayed tooth thoroughly. The procedure is always performed under local anaesthesia and is less painful than a dental extraction.

Root canal treatment procedures have a very high overall success rate of over 95%. If proper care is taken, teeth fixed with root canal treatment can last a lifetime. After root canal treatment, tooth restoration with crown or filling is performed, so it is barely noticeable.

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