Mini Gastric Stomach Bypass Surgery in Navi Mumbai

Mini Gastric Bypass/Single Anastomosis Gastric Bypass

In a normal digestive process, food enters the mouth and travels through the esophagus into the stomach. A normal stomach holds about 40 ounces of food. Once in the stomach, the food combines with gastric juices composed of acids and enzymes that disintegrate it into smaller particles. Once broken down, the smaller particles are slowly released into the first part of the small intestine called the duodenum. Most of the energy and calories from the food are absorbed in this part of the intestine. The unabsorbed food is excreted from the body in the form of waste. Mini Gastric Bypass or single anastomosis gastric bypass is a type of weight-loss or bariatric surgery aimed at decreasing the absorption of calories by bypassing the part of the intestine from where the calories are absorbed. The size of the stomach is also decreased, which forces the person to eat less.

You will have to visit our Bariatric department a few weeks before the procedure to ensure that you are fully prepared for it. Your blood tests, ECG, Chest X-Ray, and some other investigations will be carried out to ensure that you are fit to undergo surgery. An anesthesiologist will also assess you. You will be briefed about some measures you need to take before the surgery to avoid postoperative complications, such as a daily 30 mins walk, smoking cessation, and breathing exercises.

Mini Gastric Bypass is known as one of the most commonly performed bariatric or weight-loss surgeries. You will be admitted to the bariatric ward on the day or one day before the surgery. Your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and several other parameters will be measured. You will also be given anticoagulant medications to ensure a risk-free outcome. Before proceeding with the operation, our team will take written informed consent from you after explaining to you its risks and benefits. General anesthesia is given to ensure a pain-free procedure. The operation is carried out laparoscopically and takes about an hour. Several small incisions have to be made in the abdomen, through which five trocars are introduced. These trocars are used to introduce a laparoscopic camera and other endoscopic tools into the abdomen. This allows the surgeon to visualise the internal organs of the body. The stomach is separated into two parts, leaving back a narrow stomach pouch to hold the food, which can only accommodate about 4-6 ounces of food. The bypassed part of the stomach will still aid in digestion, but it will not be able to accommodate food. Also, the upper part of the intestine will be anastomosed or attached to the new stomach pouch so that the food directly goes into the lower part of the intestine.

After the operation, you will be carried to the recovery ward. You might feel dizzy and partly unconscious for a while due to the effects of general anesthesia, but it is completely normal. You will be strictly monitored for any symptoms of complications or discomfort. If you have pain, we will address it with medications. After a few hours, you will be advised to try to stand up and move your body. You will also be allowed to take sips of water, tea, soup, and other forms of liquid food from the same day. Timely evaluation and adequate follow-up will be maintained after the surgery to monitor any complications and ensure that you are absolutely safe and healthy.

Weight loss after surgery occurs due to multiple reasons:

  • As the new stomach is much smaller than the original one, it can accommodate very little food, making the person feel full quickly. Therefore, his food intake decreases.
  • Also, the part of the intestine that is bypassed is the main site of calorie absorption, so fewer calories are absorbed.
  • Certain appetite hormones like Ghrelin are also decreased after the surgery, so the person eats less.

Indications of Mini Gastric Bypass

  • Individuals with a BMI of more than 45.
  • Those with a BMI of more than 35 and associated co-morbidities like high cholesterol, hypertension, or obesity-related heart diseases.
  • Those who have concomitant obesity and diabetes.

Advantages of Mini Gastric Bypass

  • Mini gastric bypass is a laparoscopic procedure. Instead of making a single large incision, a number of small incisions are made. Therefore, the patient heals very fast and can resume normal daily activities much earlier than after other extensive bariatric surgeries.
  • The patient is expected to lose 30-35% of his total body weight as a result of the procedure.
  • Apart from weight loss, mini gastric surgery decreases insulin resistance which is very common in obese patients.
  • As it is a metabolic procedure, it helps control diabetes, cholesterol, etc. Immediate control of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure is seen after the operation.
  • The Mini Gastric Bypass procedure is potentially reversible.

Disadvantages of Mini Gastric Bypass

  • Mini Gastric Bypass is a relatively less invasive procedure. The disadvantages and complications are minimal. Our bariatric team ensures proper follow-up and careful monitoring of the patient to avoid having such complications in the long term, making our hospital the best option for Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Navi Mumbai. For your information and awareness, we have listed the disadvantages of Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery below:
  • The patient can suffer from postoperative vitamin and trace elements deficiency. The patient needs to take life-long vitamins and supplements to ensure that the nutritional parameters stay within the normal range.
  • Intolerance of some food groups may develop.
  • Dumping syndrome: Occurs when the food moves from the stomach into the intestines too fast.

Mini Gastric bypass surgery demands the surgeon to be technically expert and experienced. The surgeon needs to be very careful to leave a long tube in the stomach to prevent bile reflux. If you are finding the best weight loss surgery hospital in Navi Mumbai, your search is over. Our hospital harbors a team of certified and experienced bariatric professionals who are trained to perform the surgery with the best outcome. Therefore, we provide the best treatment care and assistance for Mini Gastric Bypass in Navi Mumbai. The chances of complications after this surgery are less than 1%. But still, our team proactively follows up with the patient after the surgery is over and even provides support for years after.