Arterial Disease Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Arterial Disease

Peripheral artery diseases are a group of disorders characterised by narrowing or blockage of the blood vessels in the legs or lower extremities. These diseases commonly occur secondary to the accumulation of fatty plaque in the arteries. This condition is called atherosclerosis. Although peripheral artery disease can occur in any blood vessel, it most commonly occurs in the lower limbs than the upper limb.

The risk factors for developing peripheral artery disease include high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and people with age more than sixty years. Peripheral artery diseases can occur in both males and females. The symptoms of peripheral artery disease are mimicked by other disorders of the blood vessels. People who are at an increased risk for peripheral artery diseases can undergo a heart attack or a stroke.

The common signs and symptoms of peripheral vascular disease include pain in the legs associated with physical activity such as walking. The pain usually improves or subsides on taking rest. Other signs of the disease include muscle weakness or atrophy, smooth and shiny skin, loss of hair on the affected area, skin cool to the touch, diminished or absent pulses in the feet, non-healing ulcers, or sores in the feet or the legs, and numb or old toes.

If you present with symptoms of peripheral artery disease, your doctor may carry out a test called ankle-brachial index (ABI). It is a simple and noninvasive test that involves measuring blood pressure in the ankles and its comparison with the blood pressure of the arms at rest or post-exercise. Some imaging tests like magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), ultrasound, and computed tomographic (CT) angiography may also be performed to confirm the diagnosis.

Certain medications are prescribed for the treatment of mild cases and to prevent complications of the disease. Medications to decrease blood pressure or blood cholesterol levels may also be prescribed. The most important factor that determines the prognosis of treatment in patients with peripheral artery disease is quitting smoking. For certain cases, surgery may be required to bypass the blocked arteries and alleviate the symptoms associated with them.

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