Cytopathology Laboratory in Navi Mumbai

Histopathology and Cytopathology

Cytology involves the examination of cells from different tissues of the body or different body fluids so that a diagnosis can be established. A pathologist is an expert in this field. He observes the cells sent in the sample under a microscope and evaluates those for any abnormalities. During cytology, only the cells are observed, and a very small sample of tissue is required for the examination.

If a doctor suspects that a person may have a certain disease or infection based on the signs and symptoms, a sample of his tissues or relevant body fluids is taken and sent for cytological examination. If any abnormal cells are present, the disease can be classified. A cytological examination is used to diagnose a diverse range of diseases and infections, especially malignancies. It can be used for both the screening and diagnosis of cancer. Screening tests are used to see if a normal person could have a certain disease before they experience its symptoms. A Pap smear is a popular cytological screening test for cervical cancer.

Other uses of cytology include diagnosis of inflammatory conditions, examination of thyroid lesions, diagnosis of infectious diseases, and diagnosis of diseases involving certain body cavities like the space between two thin membrane linings and surrounding the lungs (pleural cavity).

Histopathological examination refers to the study of a small piece of tissue, such as that from the liver, skin, kidney, or any other organ, under a microscope to establish a diagnosis. Our laboratory houses highly qualified histopathologists who make accurate tissue diagnoses and help the doctors who send the sample in managing patient care efficiently. They collaborate closely with experts in other clinical specialties and help them explain what is causing a patient’s illness. Thousands of histopathological slides are examined in our laboratory every year.

Our histopathologists offer diagnostic services for cancer by handling the cells and tissues sent to them from suspicious bumps or lumps, identifying the abnormality, and, if malignant, providing information to the oncologist about the type of cancer, the grade, and in some cases, its responsiveness to certain treatment modalities. Our technical staff is highly qualified and well trained for tissue conservation procedures, delivery of good quality sections, and complimenting H & E with special stains. Quick intraoperative diagnosis, along with rapid and precise assessment, is provided to in-house departments as well as to neighbouring hospitals.

Even though manpower is very important, advanced machines are also required to facilitate and optimise efforts and outcomes. In this regard, our Histopathology and Cytology laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced equipment to ensure quality services. These advanced machines ensure fast delivery of reports with minimum errors. The analytical process of the department has been kept at par with the recommended international benchmarks and quality standards.