Biochemistry & Immunology Laboratory Services in Navi Mumbai

Biochemistry and Immunology

The Biochemistry and Immunology division under the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai, provides an accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of the samples of body fluids such as serum, blood, plasma, urines, or tissue samples. These tests are used by doctors to screen for, diagnose, or formulate treatment plans for various diseases and disorders.

The staff members of the Biochemistry and Immunology laboratory at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai are specially trained in performing these clinical laboratory tests. Their experience and expertise help doctors successfully identify or treat a number of diseases. Following are some examples of the services these tests help provide:

  • Assessment of immune factors causing diseases
  • Monitoring response to cancer treatment
  • Evaluation of the functioning of endocrine organs
  • Assessment of genetic variation on routine therapies
  • Evaluation of transplant immunosuppression
  • Evaluation of metal and drug toxicity
  • Assessment of nutritional status

Our Biochemistry and Immunology Laboratory is one of the best in the country, offering services pertaining to more than 400 routine and advanced investigations. The laboratory has secured the six sigma level of quality standard for most routine and advanced parameters.

Both specialised and diversified areas such as Immunology, Biochemistry, Toxicology, Immuno-Fluorescence Microscopy, Prenatal Screening, and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring are covered by the laboratory. All the services are provided by highly skilled and experienced technical staff under the supervision of a certified Medical Biochemistry Consultant. Their collaborative efforts are focused on delivering high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective patient care.

  • The quality management standards and protocols have achieved a six sigma score, apart from appreciation from both the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and the American Association of Clinical Chemistry.
  • All our processes are performed in accordance with standard operating procedures. Each batch of specimens is tested with internal quality control samples. Before releasing the patient’s results, we make sure that the quality control results meet all statistical control criteria.
  • We actively participate in International External Quality Assurance Programs, which enhance the quality of our services and results.
  • We were the only Asian members in the IFCC six-member committee for Standardization of Thyroid Function Test (C-STFT) 2012-2014. Our Immunology and Biochemistry team members are continuously striving for the highest level of quality and standardisation for immunoassay and other laboratory parameters.
  • Our laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic machines and other equipment. We follow a completely automated system ranging from barcoding to bilateral interfacing of test results. This ensures that any manual errors are eliminated.