General Services

General Services

We aim to make a world of difference in medical care by delivering the best quality of care, serving the community, and providing paediatric super specialties under one roof,

Children have different needs that keep changing as they grow from infancy to toddlerhood, to early childhood and adolescence. Our paediatric specialists help understand and treat common conditions like teething, colic, respiratory illnesses, injuries and falls, or any other health conditions. Our team is committed to treating children of various age groups with great care.

Treating highly infectious childhood diseases with utmost care is our expertise. children deal with common paediatric infections like asthma, ear infections, and diarrhoea with timely diagnosis and treatment.

Children today live fast-paced lives and consume more junk food, which impacts their growth and development. Growth abnormalities in children can be caused by a variety of factors that must be investigated in order to take appropriate action. Milestone delays, hormonal fluctuations, hyperactive behaviour, and genetic problems all necessitate specialised treatment and care.

Breastfeeding is the best choice and breast milk is the safest and healthiest food for your baby. It is easily digestible and provides all the nutrition your baby needs for the first six months. Breastfeeding increases your infant's immunity to fight infections and is beneficial for mothers too. Our lactation consultants support your with guidance at every step for a successful breastfeeding journey.

Nutrition is important at every age. Your children need proper nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Childhood nutrition counselling helps lay a strong foundation for healthy eating habits for your child. Worried about your picky eater? This may lead to a poor growth pattern or certain nutritional deficiencies. Consult our paediatric specialists to know more.

Vaccinations are an important part of your family's health. Immunizing your children on time helps prevent the spread of contagious, dangerous, and deadly diseases like measles, polio, mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox, diphtheria, and HPV. Remain up to date with your child's immunization schedule with safe and effective vaccines.

Allergens are of various kinds – they can be inhaled, eaten, or have come in contact with your child's skin and may lead to allergic reactions like itching, redness, swelling, or rashes. Watch out for any unusual reactions and seek immediate remedial medical care. Consult our pediatricians in Navi Mumbai for the best possible treatment options.