Robotic knee/hip replacement Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Robotic knee/hip replacement

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai brings the "Mako Robotic Technology" for the first time in Navi Mumbai. Mako Robotic Technology represents a remarkable advancement in orthopedic care, exemplifying the synergy between robotics and medicine for enhanced surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction. This technology revolutionizes total/ partial knee and hip replacement surgeries by offering precision, personalization, and efficiency. This cutting-edge system integrates 3D imaging, creating a virtual model of the patient's unique anatomy. Surgeons utilize this detailed map to plan and tailor the procedure to exact specifications, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. During surgery, Mako provides real-time data, guiding the surgeon in making precise adjustments to place and align the implants used in both knee and hip replacement procedures. This technology enhances the overall patient experience, promoting quicker recovery times with minimal pain.