Joint Replacement Treatment in Navi Mumbai

Joint Replacements

Joints of the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee get damaged due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infection or due to injury. Sometimes the damage is irreversible with pain and disability being severe.

In such cases joint replacement helps in relieving pain and helps the patient to move about independently and improves quality of life. In joint replacement the damaged cartilage and structures are replaced with metallic and special polyethylene surfaces which restore movement.

Joint replacement surgery can be performed on several joints of your body – most often the hip (Hip Replacement Surgery) and the knee joint (Total Knee Replacement Surgery) – to relieve discomfort if non-surgical treatments are ineffective.

Total Knee Replacement

  • Unicondylar knee replacement
  • Revision knee replacement

Total Hip Replacement

  • Cemented hip replacement
  • Cement less total hip replacement: Less complicated in terms of fixation of prosthesis
  • Hip resurfacing/surface replacement arthroplasty
  • Cement less bipolar/ partial hip replacement in elderly with a fractured neck femur

Other Joint Replacements

  • Joint replacements are surgical procedures that involve replacing the damaged part of the joints with new ones.
  • Arthroscopy and arthroscopic treatment
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme.

These surgeries are done in state of the art operation theaters which insure sterility of procedures. The implants used as best in class imported implants which ensure longevity and excellent results. At Kokilaben Hospital, Navi Mumbai, a team of specialist joint replacement surgeons with trained staff help in fast and painless recovery from joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Subhash Dhiware -  Best Bone & Joint Specialist in Navi Mumbai

Dr. Subhash Dhiware

MS (Ortho)


Bone & Joint


Joint replacement surgery- Hip, knee and shoulder, Revision joint replacement, Spine surgery- minimally invasive and endoscopic, Complex/ complicated trauma surgery Limb salvage surgeries

Dr. Irphan Shaikh - Best orthopedics Doctor in Navi Mumbai

Dr. Irphan Shaikh



Bone & Joint


Complex fractures,Arthroscopy, joint replacement hip and knee, ACL reconstruction , Meniscus repair ,joint preservation

Dr. Sameer Chaudhari - Best Orthopaedic In Navi Mumbai

Dr. Sameer Chaudhari

MS, D. Ortho


Bone & Joint


Complex fractures, Total Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Computer Navigation Total Knee Replacement, Revision Total Knee Replacement, Revision Total Hip Replacement, Knee Arthroscopic ACL RECONSTRUCTION, Knee Arthroscopic Meniscus Repair