Hypertension Treatment  in Navi Mumbai


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A patient with blood pressure above 130/90 mmHg might be suffering from hypertension; it is therefore important to adopt measures to keep the blood pressure under control. However, suffering from high blood pressure may not always justify the presence of hypertension; there should be other symptoms such as constant headache, giddiness, nausea, irritability, etc. Hypertension is commonly caused by consuming excess oil or salt, mental stress, smoking or chewing tobacco, obesity, diabetes or kidney diseases, and heredity. People suffering from hypertension generally tend to ignore it. However, leaving it untreated might lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart problems, stroke, kidney failure, damage to arteries, and decrease in vision or even sudden death. It is crucial to keep your sugar levels in control, shed extra weight, increase physical activity, maintain a low-salt diet, make dietary changes, manage stress, balance consumption of alcohol and avoid smoking to prevent hypertension. Hypertension can also be cured by regular consumption of medicines advised by the doctor after diagnosis. If hypertensive patients suffer sudden severe headache or giddiness, fits, chest pain, visual problems or nosebleeds from the, they should consult a doctor immediately.