Anaesthesia Services in Navi Mumbai

General Services

This keeps the patient unconscious and without pain, with no sensation or any memory of the surgery.

We provide Regional anaesthesia which encompasses nerve blocks, epidural blocks and spinal blocks. It involves the injection of local anaesthetic in the vicinity of major nerve bundles aided by a nerve-locating device and ultrasound. Regional anaesthesia may be used on its own or combined with general anaesthesia.

Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) is a type of anesthesia service in which an anesthesia clinician continually monitors and supports the patient's vital functions, diagnoses and treats clinical problems that occur, administers medications if needed, and converts to general anesthesia if required.

The Department provides Acute pain services ensuring a pain free intraoperative and post operative period using latest interventions like PCA pumps, ultrasound guided nerve blocks and pain nurse services.