Haemodialysis Treatment in Navi Mumbai


Haemodialysis stands out as the most prevalent artificial replacement therapy for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and is also applied in cases of acute kidney injury when necessary. This method is more widely utilized compared to the other dialysis techniques. We provide one of the best haemodialysis treatments in Navi Mumbai. While predominantly conducted in dialysis centers, it can also be conducted at home as well. During this process, a tube is connected to your arm, transporting unfiltered blood out of your body to a dialysis machine. The purified and cleansed blood is then returned to your body through another tube. Typically lasting around four hours, this procedure is commonly scheduled three times a week. If carried out at home, your nephrologist will provide a tailored schedule based on your condition, specifying the frequency and duration of the procedure.

Acute kidney injury occurs when the kidneys suddenly fail to eliminate waste products from the body within a few hours or days. Although the adverse impact on the body is same as what occurs in a chronic kidney injury, it happens suddenly and is linked to acute health conditions or accidents.

In comparison to alternative methods, haemodialysis demonstrates superior efficacy in clearing small waste in cases of acute kidney injury. However, physicians proceed cautiously due to the potential risk of confusion and convulsions resulting from cerebral edema (dialysis disequilibrium). Cerebral edema involves the accumulation of fluid in certain parts of the brain. Typically, the initiation of dialysis involves a prescription for 1-2 hours initially. Subsequently, if hemodynamically stable, patients may receive 4-5 hours of hemodialysis on alternate days or 2-3 hours daily. During dialysis, anticoagulant medications like heparin may be administered to reduce the risk of blood clots. The dose might be reduced if the patient has a bleeding risk.

Are you looking for a kidney dialysis treatment in Navi Mumbai? The haemodialysis facility at the Department of Nephrology at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Navi Mumbai, boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure. Each haemodialysis examination room is fully equipped with various amenities, including adjustable electric beds. This haemodialysis unit adheres to international standards for infection control and is overseen by a highly skilled and experienced medical team comprising well-qualified nephrologists, registered nurses, and supportive haemodialysis staff. The Hemodialysis Center in Navi Mumbai is equipped with twelve haemodialysis beds featuring cutting-edge machines, with ongoing assessment and monitoring of dialysis efficiency throughout the process.