Hair Transplant

    Restoring the crowning glory

    Hair serves the most important cosmetic function in humans. Loss of hair causes significant emotional stress and loss of confidence.However, with the recent advances in medical technology,fortunately now there are permanent solutions for thinning hair and balding heads.One such hair restoring technique is Hair Transplantation.

    • Candidate: Hair transplantation is done in both male and female pattern baldness. In males, the hair loss involves the entire frontal area. While in females, baldness begins as increased hair loss at the partition site or sometimes as diffuse hair loss in the frontal area.
    • Procedure: There are two procedures performed during hair transplantation. The first one involves obtaining the follicular units from the donor site, while the next one is about implanting the grafts at the recipient site. Both the procedures are performed in the same visit. During transplantation, the patient is given local anaesthesia and after the procedure, the patient is kept on analgesic. Thus, the patient will not experience any pain during or after the procedure.
    • Result: Hair growth from the transplanted follicle is permanent. Hair in the occiput do not have androgen receptors, and even at the age of 70 or 80 years, hair from this area is not lost. Hence, roots are taken from here and transplanted in the frontal area as the donor dominance remains life long. With a mega session of over 3000 grafts,most of the cases of baldness can be treated in a single session. Recipient density has improved with time, and now we also have newer methods to enhance survival of the grafts. Moreover, trichophytic closure reduces the scar formation at the donor site.
    • Benefit: We have the latest equipment for follicular unit harvest known as S.A.F.E.SCRIBE system, which uses a powered machine with very fine blunt punches to extract the hair follicles successfully and at a much faster rate. This new system is minimally invasive and virtually pain free. Other advantages associated with this technology include no visible scarring,reduced healing time and minimal damage to the  follicle.

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