Memory lapses - what's normal and what's not?


With age comes the increasing likelihood of developing memory loss. Simple forgetfulness like forgetting where you left your keys or phone is normal, forgetting facts or events over time, delay in recalling someone’s name or words in conversation are few types of memory lapses that are a normal part of aging. The time to worry about memory loss is when it begins to impair your ability to perform daily tasks and your accustomed role in life. If you notice warning signs like memory loss that disrupts daily activities, trouble completing familiar tasks, asking the same questions repeatedly, confusion or disorientation with date, time or place, misplacing items and trouble retracing steps, new problems with words or speaking, difficulty planning or solving problems, and a decline in rational thinking and changes in mood or personality for no apparent reason, on yourself or a loved one, contact your doctor right away. Early detection is key to getting treatment before dementia hits an advanced stage.